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"The world is my country, and science is my religion." ~ Christian Huygens, 17th century Dutch astronomer

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Op Martin's Astronomie Pagina staan een aantal projecten waar ik aan gewerkt heb, of nog steeds aan werk. Als je informatie wilt over deze projecten, schroom dan niet om een e-mail te sturen via de Contact-knop.


  Astro PushTo for Android phones [alleen engels]

A project very much in the feasibility and initial test phase. The idee is to develop a cheap PushTo system based on the use of an Android mobile phone. I'm not sure if it is feasible from an accuracy point of view, but here is version 0.1. Free for anybody to use and test. Feedback will be very much appreciated.

AstroPushTo Release 0.1

As said this project is still in intial development (and is not yet fully tested), but I was so pleased with the progress sofar that I wanted to share this with a wider audience. The app was developped using an HTC Desire HD, so I'm not sure how this runs on other Android phones. At this moment you can only select the Messier catalogue (I need to figure out how the spinner in Java/Android works to release the other catalogues). And it will currently only work in the GMT+1 timezone (I need to workout for the system to give me the real UTC (anybody who knows please let me know).

Short explanation of the buttons in the App:

Download AstroPushTo for Android phones HERE
Best is to upload to your Android using Copy-to => BlueTooth device. When I do this on my phone and push on the file it will ask if I want to install it. Alternatively you can put it on your SD-card using an USB cable and use an application like "Advanced Manager" to install the app (don't forget to unplug the USB cable before you go to Advanced Manager, otherwise the App can not access the SD-card).

Feedback will be very much appreciated => please use the contact button.