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"The world is my country, and science is my religion." ~ Christian Huygens, 17th century Dutch astronomer

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  Telescope Equilibrium Manager [alleen engels]

For near perfect vision through a telescope and excellent performance, the telescope needs to be in equilibrium, meaning that all (optical) elements are at a temperature within 1 degree celsius from the external [air] temperature. The Telescope Equilibium Manager (TEM) manages the temperature of the primary mirror enusring equilibrium is reached and maintained as quickly as possible.


TEM is one of my pet-projects I started when I did complete the build of my telescope. It is work in progress, and at this moment it is hard for me to find the time to fully complete it. The software is completed and fully tested. The hardware to measure temperature and humidity is also build, but still in a test phase.

On this page you will find some of the screenshots of the software I've written.


Main screen

The main screen of TEM will show the condition of the system and the readings of the temperature and humidity sensors. Besides this it shows the status of the TECs (Peltier cooling elements) and the status of the Fans. 2 aux output ports can be configured to switch on/off based on user-defined status indicators. Those can be configured in the setup menu.


Setup Screen

The setpup screen allow you to fully configure the software. It assigns the humidity and temperature sensors and the TEC-elements, Fans, and Auxiliary equiment to the correct channel of the I/O-board and using this screen you can setup how the auxiliary ports will behave and on what events they will trigger. This module also allows you to calibrate the temperature sensors.



History screen

When the system is on and controlling the TEC-elements or if the system is only taking measurements (the Measurement-Only mode) the sensor-readings and system conditions can be viewed real-time. See a screen-shot below. When the applications is stopped all measurements and system-conditions are stored in file, so one can analyse the data afterwards as well.